EUROGRUAS takes part in the largest project undertaken by oil&gas in Spain

EUROGRUAS takes part in the largest project undertaken by oil&gas in Spain

September 2009

EUROGRUAS has taken part in the construction of liquefied-gas platform Adriatic LNG Terminal, as the crane company chosen by all the firms that have participated in this project. In order to choose EUROGRUAS, the clients have assessed the safety, capacity of reaction and service, the ability of our operators and technical staff appointed to these works, as well as EUROGRUAS’ technical and organisational capacity.

The experience and capacity have been proved and compared by over 120,000 hours of cranes up to 750 tons, spent on working and meeting the deadlines 100%, as well as the high quality and security levels demanded by our clients. Adriatic LNG Terminal liquefied-gas platform in the only one in the world and one of the largest projects undertaken by the energy industry at international level, built throughout the last three years on the dry dock of Crinavis harbour, in Bahía de Algeciras.

This project has relied on the participation of companies from 7 different countries, including Spain. Rass Laffan LNG is the end client, a company in which Exxon Mobil, Qatar Petroleum and Edison Italia have a stake.

The engineering works have been carried out by Aker Kvaerner and Skanska companies and the construction has been conducted by Spanish firms Acciona and Dragados Off Shore (Dosa). Acciona has been responsible for the construction of the dry dock, the work’s infrastructures, the logistics and the construction of the giant concrete structure containing the gas tanks. Dragados Off Shore has constructed and assembled the modules of the regasification plant.

The concrete structure is 180 metres long, 88 metres in length and has a 47-metre support. The regasification plant is at the top and has the capacity to process 8 million metric tons per year. The concrete box contains two gas tanks that can store up to 125,000 net m3each.

More than 90,000 m3 of special concrete, 27,000 tons of passive steel, 1,100 tons of active steel and 4,900 tons of structural steel have in used for the construction of this platform.

Safety has been one of the key points that have been taken into account during this project and to which the participant leader companies have paid more attention. The regulations, protocols and proceedings related to health and safety observed during this project have been extremely demanding and the subsequent results have been excellent.

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