EUROGRUAS breaks a new record in Spain, this time with regard to special transports

September 2009

The C10 project that Repsol is building in Cartagena has brought along new records, this time in the area of transports. This was the first time that such heavy and large pieces had been transported on Spanish roads.

EUROGRUAS has broken the heavy-transport record moving the hydrocracker reactors from the refinery’s port last June, using SPMTs capable of supporting 1,350 tons with that configuration.

The 4,000-metre distance was covered in 24 hours.

EUROGRUAS has broken the record in bulky transport moving the vacuum tower, which was 50 metres long and had a 12-metre diameter.

This maneuver was conducted with 72 lines of SPTM carriages.

About Eurogruas

EUROGRUAS is a company specialized in providing engineering, assembly, lifting and special transport services through self-propelled cranes and alternative systems with our own means and skilled operators. Our company gathers the necessary organizational structure and capacity of management to provide global solutions.