Mission, Vision & Values

Mision, Vision & Values

Mission:leader in lifting services and special transports, as well as in execution of comprehensive moving projects and heavy load hosting projects for the benefit of its clients, employees and shareholders.

Vision:leader in lifting, transportation and Heavy-Lift projects, based on the provision of technical solutions which are possible thanks to the investment in staff and equipment, thus guaranteeing the best and most efficient service to our clients, characterised by the highest quality and safety.

Values: the working framework that leads EUROGRUAS to its sustainable success is based on the following principles:

1) Focus on Clients: EUROGRUAS is aware of the fact that it depends on its clients and, therefore, its strategy is aimed at understanding their current and future needs, as well as at meeting their requirements and making an effort to go beyond their expectations.

2) Leadership: EUROGRUAS promotes an internal atmosphere that allows people fully to fully participate in the achievement of the organisation’s objectives.

3) Caring for people: EUROGRUAS considers that people are the essence of the organisation and their absolute commitment allows them to use their abilities for the benefit of the company.

4) Excellence: EUROGRUAS admits and recognises improvements, and knows it must be one of the objectives of every individual in the organisation. This policy leads to the continuous improvement of the way the organisation works.

5) Health and safety: Health and Safety are part of all and each level of the organization when carrying out our activity, and they have become an expected value to our client, who takes for granted that our services are always characterised by both. Maintaining this culture is a priority objective for EUROGRUAS.

These are the present and future guiding principles of EUROGRUAS, reflected on the implementation and updating of an integrated System for Quality Management, Environment and Health and Safety, based on standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

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About Eurogruas

EUROGRUAS is a company specialized in providing engineering, assembly, lifting and special transport services through self-propelled cranes and alternative systems with our own means and skilled operators. Our company gathers the necessary organizational structure and capacity of management to provide global solutions.