Segments transport

EUROGRUAS transported to the Port of Seville the first segments of the Cardiff viaduct (Wales, UK)

August 2016

EUROGRUAS transported to the port of Seville nine pieces of large dimensions, of a total of 21, which will be depart at Cardiff (United Kingdom) to form part of the Eastern Bay Link new viaduct.

The transport to the port of these nine parts, eight segments of 50 tons of weight and a beam cross of 80 tons, was performed using Dollys and the loading of the parts was carried out with a telescopic crane Terex Demag AC700.

This is the first special transport and shipment of large structures to the viaduct of Cardiff and a second transport is expected next month.



About Eurogruas

EUROGRUAS is a company specialized in providing engineering, assembly, lifting and special transport services through self-propelled cranes and alternative systems with our own means and skilled operators. Our company gathers the necessary organizational structure and capacity of management to provide global solutions.