EUROGRUAS successfully concluded the maneuver's location of Artigas's viaduct

EUROGRUAS successfully concluded the maneuver's location of Artigas's viaduct

January 2015

Last January 27, EUROGRUAS, through its division of Alternative Systems of Heavy Lift, culminated successfully the complex maneuver of location of the section 1 of the viaduct of Artigas, one of the structures that are part of the future variant of Bermeo.

This variant passes through an area with great orographic complexity, so it becomes necessary to insert independent structures to solve the unevenness of the terrain.

The maneuver of positioning of section 1 of the viaduct, a metallic vain of 110 m length with curvature in plan and drawer section open at its top, was carried out in three phases.

In the first phase was carried out the manoeuvre of rotation of the structure on one of its pillars. To execute it, there was used a spherical ball and socket joint of vertical axis, which acted as the center of rotation, and a fixed structure anchored to the bottom of the board composed by two towers of lattice resting on a sliding system on skates that were moved by a curved rail. Through these elements was rotated 60 degrees the structure to be aligned with the axis of the 2nd section.

Once rotated, we proceeded to the maneuver of transfer the load from his support to its final position in the pillar 1, for which there were used hydraulic cylinders that allowed to lift the board to remove the ball and socket joint and then proceed to decrease the same until their final support.

The final phase consisted of a vertical alignment of the sections 1 and 2 in order to allow joint welding. To do so, was mounted on the top of section 2 a structure where settled two strand jacks of 700 KN of capacity that acted as elements of traction for the recovery of the 1.443 existing mm arrow.

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