Transport and lifting of Gangway over river Guadalete

Transport and lifting of Gangway over river Guadalete

July 2012

EUROGRUAS has finished the transport and lifting maneuvers of the spans composing the gangway José Fernández Sanjuán, in Puerto de Santa María. Among other things, this project is aimed at reducing the traffic in the old part of the city and it is the first pedestrian link between the two riversides of Guadalete.

EUROGRUAS, through ALTON, a company belonging to the Heavy Lift Division, has placed the spans in the infrastructure in three stages, being the latest 104 m long, 3.80 high- at its highest point- and an 8% gradient.

During the first two stages the lateral spans of concrete were placed, each of them of 330 tons, 26.5 m long and 6 m large, using sliding and crawler systems, till they were placed over the pile and abutment.

Once the voussoirs for coupling the metallic central span (115 tons, 6 m large and 51 m long) were placed, the third and last stage of maneuver began, that is, moving the piece over a pontoon until it is under its final position in order to be lifted afterwards, using four strand jacks with a capacity of 70 t each.

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