Bridge crawling and sliding to expand the railway of the high speed train (AVE) between Seville and Almeria

January 2012

EUROGRUAS, through its Heavy Lift Division, has taken part in the expansion of the AVE’s railway between Seville and Almeria, crawling and sliding the central span of a metallic bridge 97.2 m long, 13.2 m large, 19.5 m high and 650 t.

This project has been developed in three stages in order not to interrupt the train’s circulation, and the last two ones were carried out overnight.

In the first stage, the bridge was placed over provisional structures through a crawling maneuver. Secondly, the sliding of the bridge to a place near the railway was carried out.

In the second stage, the bridge was placed over the railway through a sliding maneuver.

Finally, in the third stage, the bridge was placed over its piles through crawling (using strand jacks).

Follow the link to see the maneuver:

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