EUROGRUAS succeeds in its participation in Cartagena’s C-10 Project

EUROGRUAS succeeds in its participation in Cartagena’s C-10 Project

May 2010

EUROGRUAS’ Heavy Lift Division has taken care of all the transport and lifting engineering included in Cartagena’s C-10 project, amounting to a total of 50 pieces of equipment.

It is worth highlighting the three reactors in the hydrocracking unit, weighing 760, 1,122 and 1,306 tons respectively, the 420- ton coke chambers, 41 m long and 9.26 m in diameter, and the 532- ton vacuum tower, 47 m long and 11 m in diameter.

In order to execute this Project, EUROGRUAS has used a Liebherr LR11350 crane (1,350 t), a Terex Demag TC2800-1 (600 t), a Terex Demag CC2800-1 (600 t ), Scheuerle self-propelled carriages with 72 axles, Goldhofer traditional modular carriages with 30 axles and several cranes (up to 700 tons), as well as auxiliary equipment such as self-loading trucks, transports and concrete pumps.

The contributions of the engineering department were essential for the project’s development, since they carried out the engineering, design and construction of a provisional bridge with a 39-metre span to transport the heaviest equipment, as well as the design and assessment of all the employed lifting elements, including a tile frame to clamp pieces of equipment up to 1,500 tons.

EUROGRUAS organised a technical group to manage the project, composed of a project’s manager, a site manager and more than 10 people (engineers, supervisors, technicians specialised in heavy lift and security technicians).

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