EUROGRUAS purchases a new Terex CC 2800 NT crane

EUROGRUAS purchases a new Terex CC 2800 NT crane

November 2008

At the end of 2008, EUROGRUAS received a new 600-ton lattice crane model Terex CC 2800 NT. The main feature of this crane, which distinguishes it from the other models in the market, is the fact that it has two types of bodies, so any of them can be assembled interchangeably. You can assemble either the traditional crawler one, similar to the one the other CC 2800 have, or the NT body. The latest is a crawler body with hydraulic supports and it is narrower, that is why is called NT, standing for “Narrow Track”.

The NT is expected to allow the crawler crane to move through narrow spaces or roads, which makes this crane to be particularly functional when assembling wind turbines, since the crane can move from one to another without being disassembled, thus saving much time and improving the crane’s productivity. The body has hydraulic supports on which the crane is based once it is in the assembly area. The supports are integrated in the body itself, so it is not necessary to take disassemble them in order to move the crane.

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