izado reactor sistemas alternativos

First LR 1800 to Eurogrúas

April 2019

Spanish crane and access rental company EUROGRUAS has taken delivery of the first 800 tonne Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 lattice crawler crane

Special transport of a reactor

EUROGRUAS carried out the special transport of a reactor to the Cepsa refinery in San Roque

October 2016

The Heavy Lifting Division of EUROGRUAS has carried out the transport of a reactor from the Crinavis dock to the facilities of the Spanish oil company in San Roque Cepsa, a maneuver included in the expansion and improvement works of that refinery.

Segments transport

EUROGRUAS transported to the Port of Seville the first segments of the Cardiff viaduct (Wales, UK)

August 2016

EUROGRUAS transported to the port of Seville nine pieces of large dimensions, of a total of 21, which will be depart at Cardiff (United Kingdom) to form part of the Eastern Bay Link new viaduct.

Wind Farm Sao Clemente

EUROGRUAS finalized San Clemente wind farm, the largest in Pernambuco State

May 2016

EUROGRUAS, through its subsidiary Brazilian EUROGRUAS SERVIÇOS EOLICOS DO BRASIL, has completed successfully San Clemente's wind complex, which is has become in the greatest Park in operation of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco.

Project T-72

EUROGRUAS complete the project T-72 with the replacement of the two reactors

May 2016

During maintenance works that Repsol is carrying out in its industrial complex in Tarragona, EUROGRUAS has completed the project T-72 with the replacement of the two reactors (320 T) in the ISOMAX unit.

Crane Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2

EUROGRUAS incorporates into its fleet a crane LIEBHERR LTM 1300-6.2

April 2016

EUROGRUAS has expanded this month its fleet of telescopic mobile cranes with the addition of a crane of 300 ton Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2, equipped with the latest innovations implemented by the German manufacturer.

Project T-73

EUROGRUAS participates in the works of maintenance and expansion that Repsol carried out in his facilities of Tarragona

March 2016

The Spanish oil company has awarded EUROGRUAS the works of heavy lifting of the T-73 project, which includes the installation of a new propane splitter tower in the unit U-661.

About Eurogruas

EUROGRUAS is a company specialized in providing engineering, assembly, lifting and special transport services through self-propelled cranes and alternative systems with our own means and skilled operators. Our company gathers the necessary organizational structure and capacity of management to provide global solutions.