EUROGRUAS extracts the ferrules of the coke chamber at Repsol’s refinery, in Puertollano

March 2012

Last 1 March, Repsol started the multiannual maintenance stop in the plant of Puertollano (Ciudad Real), which is aimed at checking the equipment, conducting maintenance works and executing several technical improvements. The stop will last around 50 days and will be funded with an investment of 28 million Euros.

EUROGRUAS, through its Heavy Lift Division and, more specifically, its plant of Alternative Lifting and Sliding Systems, ALTON, has participated in this project conducting one of the most relevant works, the replacement of ferrules in the coke chambers, which have a maximum of 6,918 mm in diameter, 12,200 mm high and 54,000 kg.

In order to lift, slide and remove the sections of the chambers, a 40 metre-high gantry frame was set up, with 4 lattice modules with 2 x-shaped braces supported by a sliding line and two 13-metre beams, supported by another sliding line fixed to the coke structure, driven by hydraulic systems.

A 700-ton crane -a TEREX DEMAG AC 700- was used both for the lifting and lowering of the ferrules to the auxiliary structure, employing a lever to lift it.

About Eurogruas

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