Cranes at the maintenance stop of Repsol’s Refinery in Puertollano

May 2008

EUROGRUAS participates in the repair of the distillation column at Repsol’s refinery in Puertollano. During the stop of Repsol’s refinery in Puertollano, last July, the repair of the distillation column was carried out.

To execute this task, Repsol and Imtech contracted EUROGRUAS, which contributed with a 600-ton lattice crane mounted on Terex Demag TC 2800 and a 300-ton lattice crawler model Terex Demag CC 1800.

Due to the little space available, the environment in which the works had to be carried out and the tight planning, lifting plans and task procedures were necessary in order to guarantee the works’ success.

About Eurogruas

EUROGRUAS is a company specialized in providing engineering, assembly, lifting and special transport services through self-propelled cranes and alternative systems with our own means and skilled operators. Our company gathers the necessary organizational structure and capacity of management to provide global solutions.